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Sense on Cents Recommended Weekend Reading

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 20, 2009 12:30 PM |

Let’s “span the globe” and get an international perspective on financial developments that impact all of us whether we know it or not.

Moving across the ‘pond,’ we can get a taste as to how the finest ‘Scotch’ turned bitter, in reviewing:

Decline of West Where Mathewson Rues What RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) Wrought
by Simon Clark, Rodney Jefferson, and John Helyar

Taking a truly global perspective and realizing the magnitude of the worldwide recession, we are reminded of how blessed we are:

World Hunger Reaches 1 Billion People, U.N. Says
Assocated Press
Wall Street Journal; June 19, 2009

Lest we forget the historic nature of President Obama’s speech in Cairo, how do Europeans view the impact of that speech? Let’s review:

Obama’s New World Order
by Nick Whitney
Project Syndicate

Moving eastward, let’s take the pulse of the long term predicament facing The People’s Republic of China and review:

China’s Savings Problem and the Consumption Constraint
by Michael Pettis
China Financial Markets (linked at Wall Street Pit)

I hope this quick trip around the globe helps us all appreciate the varied nature of world cultures and the issues facing all of us.  As such, I pray that collectively the stronger and better part of our human spirit will prevail as we work our way through and over the global economic landscape.



  • lizzy

    I just read the article on China. It gave an interesting perspective, comparing China and Japan and the rates of savings and consumption. Most of the articles I’ve seen have been discussions of currency and trade issues. Lower US consumptions seems germain to the situation. Thanks for the reference.

  • Lizzy,

    The author of that piece has an interesting background. I did not know him but he and I overlapped at Bear Stearns in the ’90s.

    I do find it informative to read posts and articles written from a foreign perspective as opposed to an American perspective.

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