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Recommended Weekend Reading June 6, 2009

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 6, 2009 3:28 PM |

I found these particular articles to be quite informative and recommend them for weekend reading:

Latvia’s Problems Prompt Worry About Contagion
by Alex Frangos; June 6, 2009
Wall Street Journal

The Less Educated Take the Worst Hit
by Erica Alini and Justin Lahart; June 6, 2009
Wall Street Journal
(please read “Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him for a Day…” in conjunction with this)

Staying Rich in the New Normal
Investment Outlook by Pimco’s Bill Gross; June 2009

The Geography of Recession
by Peter Zeihan; June 4, 2009
John Mauldin’s Outside the Box

Kennedy Readies Health-Care Bill
by Ceci Connolly;  June 6, 2009
The Washington Post

Enjoy your weekend!!


  • Larry –

    The Latvia article is very interesting. It sounds like Latvia’s currency is on the brink of collapse. Jim Rogers has said many times recently that he believes we are headed for a worldwide currency crisis. Latvia’s currency collapse may not set that off, but it is still along the lines of what Rogers has been talking about. Here is Rogers’ latest CNBC interview talking about that:


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