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Dylan Ratigan Asks for Some Transparency

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 22, 2009 5:04 PM |

Credit to Nathan Martin, a contributing author at Wall Street Pit, for highlighting this engagement between Dylan Ratigan and Christina Romer, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers in the Obama administration.

To be perfectly frank, our general media has inured us to softball questions for our political and financial establishment. To that end, financial blogs are carrying the real weight of the day in terms of investigative journalism and critical questioning.

Against that backdrop, Mr. Ratigan’s questioning of Ms. Romer about the lack of transparency and integrity of Wall Street lobbyists’ engagement with Washington is particularly appreciated if only because it happens so infrequently,if at all.


For those interested in this topic, I resubmit:

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2. Future Financial Regulation: Not a Question of Sufficiency, But of Transparency and Integrity

3. How Wall Street Bought Washington


Stay the course . . . we will continue to fight the good fight in airing the issues surrounding this topic!!


  • fiscalliberal

    I am looking forward to the Darin Radigan show as he will be asking some penetrating questions. I remember when the Credit Default Mess was comming to light and he made the comment that “this was just theft as the sellers of the CDS’s had minimal or no reserves.

    Its been my observation that Christina Rhomer is a mouth piece who has a Phd in Economics, but limited insight in terms of what has to be done. She can talk about the depression, but I wonder if she can address the future. I guess her specialty is historical, but it is unfair to her to put her out in the meat grider. They hope for softball compliant press, but is in trouble when things get substantive.

    She always tries the cheery female approach. I relly prefer people like Hillary, Alice Rivelin, Sheila Bair and Elizabeth Warren who can play hardball and are able to contribute to the discussion.

  • John Reilly

    Mr. Ratigan – I spent 25 years with the CIA and was responsible for the security for the building of the Counter Terrorist Center pictured in today’s Washington Post. I would appreciate that my name not be mentioned but your two “experts”, Bill and Sue, have no clue the magnitude of the problem. I was an internal security officer and operations officer. I had rotations to the NRO and the former NIMA now NGA. I was responsible for transferring all the intelligence programs to NGA when it became an intelligence agency (providing this information would give away who I am). You are looking at an intelligence service that is totally out of control. There is no communication between the agencies and a serious lack of experience. That is why there are contractors. The average length of an assignment is two years for a government intelligence officer. You do not learn much in two years. I have not regrets with my 25 years with the CIA and had high hopes when the CTC building was built. I was in charge of security for the site after we went operational. It brought several agencies together in one building. After the building was built I had FBI, NSA, DIA and DOE personnel in the building. In order to advance in the CIA you have to punch as many “tickets” in order to do so. If you stay in one assignment too long you are passed over for promotion. Contractors are the subject matter exerts. That is why they are there. Your two experts are looking at a piece of floating ice and do not see the iceberg next to it. Top Secret is nothing compared to Special Access programs. There are higher levels of clearances than Top Secret. You are only touching the surface. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) was supposed to eradicate the lack of communication but has become an agency full of lawyers and one that is left out of the loop of the real intelligence. The formation of the DNI was one of the biggest waste of money and resources.

    • LD


      Not sure if your message was intended on another post referencing Mr. Ratigan.

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