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A New Bull or a Bear Market Rally?

Posted by Larry Doyle on May 17, 2009 9:02 AM |

Are we entering the initial stages of a bull market or experiencing a bear market rally? Does our economy have the requisite liquidity to finance the deficit or is the liquidity trapped by embedded losses in the banking sector? Will tax revenues be sufficient to address municipal obligations?  Ultimately, what does it all mean for our economy and the global economy.

Our Economic All-Star John Mauldin and his colleague Niels Jensen of Absolute Return address these critical questions in an easy to understand fashion in The $33,000,000,000,000 Question.

As we enter the ‘Brave New World’ economy, I believe it is critically important we revise our mental approach to the economy and markets. I share the concerns voiced in this piece. If nothing else, Jensen’s detailed analysis provides insights into the hurdles we face as we try to move forward. I hope it helps you navigate your personal economic landscape. 


  • lizzy

    I read your post yesterday but the article didn’t seem to come up. As I was shuting down I found the article and read it; it is a great source. Thanks for posting it.

  • TeakWoodKite

    the multiplier is not doing its job, as many banks prefer to hoard cash rather than increase lending at this juncture.

    When BofA, Wells are strong armed to absorb whole sectors of poison assetts, then are told they themselvess are under water and need to increase their reserves..or else they will be Chysler’ed,, whats left to loan.

    To many zeros not enough time.

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