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Sense on Cents Central Station

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 2, 2009 4:24 PM |

***UPDATE: The live event has ended, but you can scroll through the topics we discussed by clicking on the “Replay” icon on the chat window at the end of this post.***

central-station-promo-3-boldJoin me this evening beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET for Sense on Cents Central Station. This endeavor is a few hours of written Q/A and live chat with your resident host, Larry Doyle. I like to utilize the theme of a ride on the rails, so please allow me to expound.

With so many cross currents at play in the markets, economy, and world of global finance, where can one go to develop a framework of understanding, enjoy the company of friends, and make sense of the madness? Welcome to Sense on Cents Central Station. Our ride departs at 8:30 p.m. with an expected return at 10:30 p.m. (I’m hoping this time frame allows our West Coast friends to join in). While we traverse the curves along our track, we can address a wide range of issues, including: the G-20 summit, FASB’s vote to ease mark-to-market, Obama’s economic plans, Secretary Geithner’s outlook, the market performance this week, month, and year to date, developments overseas, the outlook for our financial regulatory structure, issues of personal finance, career planning, or anything else on your mind.

Our ride is most productive with as many people participating as possible. Please bring not only your questions, but also your views. Invite friends, neighbors, and colleagues along for the ride as well. Together we can collectively navigate the economic landscape.

I look forward to chatting with you beginning at 8:30 p.m. All Aboard!!


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