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Market Sentiment Very Balanced

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 23, 2009 2:06 PM |

Our Economic All-Star Laszlo Birinyi has recently had some very good calls on the market.  His funds are outperforming the major stock market averages by 10-15%. Birinyi is an excellent stock picker but also has an experienced professional’s “feel” for the market.

His weekly Blogger Sentiment Poll provides us an easy snapshot as to current investor attitudes. Recall that when a bullish reading approaches 30%, it is an indication of the market being oversold. Similarly, if a bullish reading approaches 70% it is an indication of the market being overbought.


The market overall has done somewhat better over the last few weeks but has given some of that improvement back in this week’s trading. In investment terms, this price action is known as “running in place,” “range trading,” or “moving sideways.”  

Not surprisingly, the readings in Birinyi’s polls indicate a very balanced short term sentiment. 


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