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The Good Guys

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 26, 2009 3:00 PM |

Wall Street has become a very easy target for our politicians, our populace, and a large part of the world. Wall Street is Gordon Gekko and the “greed is good” approach, correct? People would just as soon run you over as help you up, correct? The entire Wall Street machine is littered with Masters of the Universe, correct?

Well, I know plenty of people on Wall Street who fit that bill but I know multiples more who are truly decent, caring, hard working people trying to make an honest living for their family.

One of the early lessons I learned on Wall Street was the fact that there is NO security in the securities industry. As such, I needed to be exceedingly careful in who I engaged and how I engaged them. As I have highlighted in my Career Planning tab above, reputation is everything. I readily admit that not everybody on Wall Street shares that opinion.

In any event, the relationships and resulting friendships of my years on “the Street” are of greater value than any specific transactions. Given that this is my blog, I am happy to publicly thank the following individuals for their strength of character and their longstanding friendship.

While I could list the names of dozens of individuals, I want to particularly recognize Bill Venezia, John Kolmer, Kevin Finnerty, John Sites, Lynn Marshall, Michael Lanigan, Byron Boston, John Angelica, Scott Auker, Kevin Clare, Tom Lally, and Steve Rehm. I have overlooked plenty of others and for that I apologize.

For our readers, please know that as with any industry, the overwhelming majority of people are trying to make an honest living. Also, as with almost every industry, the bulk of the publicity inevitably is shined upon the nefarious and underhanded. The great majority of people on Wall Street are good, decent, hard working Americans.


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