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The Global Economic Horizon

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 14, 2009 2:45 PM |

While there is nothing like a nice 10% rally in equity markets to salve a wounded soul, let’s not get overly ebullient. The global economy is facing a host of issues the likes of which it has not seen in a long time, if ever.

I truly relish the honest perspectives offered by a number of our Thought Leaders. A recent piece posted by Professor Ken Rogoff, a former chief economist for the International Monetary Fund, and currently a professor of Economics and Public Policy at Harvard, lays out a logical road map for global interest rates, economic growth, sovereign defaults, and inflation. Let me preface Rogoff’s piece by stating the road will be long and steep!

What does Rogoff think about the prospects here in the United States under the Obama administration?  He writes, “US long-term growth could be particularly dismal, as the Obama administration steers the country toward more European levels of welfare assistance and income redistribution.”

I strongly recommend Rogoff’s  What is the Deficit Endgame?  Please access a wealth of other global perspectives at the Thought Leaders link (in the left sidebar), which provides access to leading global economists and over 400 periodicals from around the world.


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  • TeakWoodKite

    Thanks for the resources / links LD and your clear cut writing. I am learning’ a lot and appreciate the info you you link to.

  • Larry Doyle

    My pleasure. I like them as they are resources not often used elsewhere on the internet and hadly if ever in the media. Plus, they are very credible.

    Glad you find them informative!!

  • lizzy

    I watched NOW on PBS last night. They interviewed Kenneth Rogoff. I thought you might be interested in it; I think they are having information about preliminary meetings for the G 20 next week.

    • Larry Doyle


      Thanks for the heads up. I will see if I can find a replay of the show.

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