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So Many Questions

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 7, 2009 10:52 AM |

question-cubeIn the midst of any storm, one wonders what the landscape may look like when the dust settles. Well, our current economic tsunami is no mere rainy day at the beach. What will the landscape look like on the other side? Let’s ponder some of the questions we need to ask as we navigate forward:

1. Which companies will no longer exist as currently formulated?

2. Will companies become smaller, more simplified, with less financial engineering?

3. How will regulation of the financial industry look? Could it have a global basis? Will national interests prevail over global demands?

4. Where will the DJIA be on March 7, 2010? March 7, 2014?

5. What will the unemployment rate be on those dates?

6. What will Obama’s approval ratings look like on that first date? Which Obama program will be deemed successful?

7. Where will housing be one year out? How about five years out? 

8. In the world of international relations, will this crisis bring the world together or push it apart? Will the economic instability lead to greater social unrest which leads to political instability? If so, where? How extensive?

9. Will we lose a generation of investors? How will the asset management industry be reformulated through this storm? Which companies will seize opportunities, provide stellar products and services and grow? Which won’t?

10. Will our nation truly recapture a sense of values, decency, and integrity or is that mere talk?

11. Will the birth rates for children borne to single parents change?

12. Will school performance improve or will our urban dropout rate remain at 50%?

13. Who will become the leader of the Republican Party?

14. Is there any chance of a legitimate 3rd party developing given the massive chokehold that the two party system filled with lobbyists’ money currently has on our government?

15. Who will be the new enlightened entrepreneurs that develop new products and markets?

16. Are our nation’s better days behind us after 235 years since our birth? Are we “more talk, less action” and resultingly a fat and lazy nation? If we reviewed rates of obesity in our land, one can make a very compelling case. Has that mindset permeated our culture?

17. What will the rate of inflation be a year from now? 5 years from now?

18. Will we ever deal with the rampant problems involved with illegal immigration?

Has there ever been a point in time when we have had so much uncertainty on so many fronts? The markets are a reflection of so much of this uncertainty at this point in time.

What questions do you have? 


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