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Let’s Get Real About Real Estate

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 27, 2009 5:25 AM |

After the meltdown in technology stocks in 2000-2001, many people decided they would never go near that sector again. I certainly hope we do not see people reluctant to buy real estate again after this correction. Real estate has so many great qualities. As with anything you put money into, you need to understand the risks beforehand and while you own it. Regrettably, not nearly enough people understood the risks of real estate or the risks in the mortgage finance process before they purchased real estate over the last 5 years. 

While Sense on Cents has been focused on many of the major market moving news on Wall Street and Washington, ultimately to most effectively navigate the economic landscape we all need to relate the major news to our own financial lives.

To that point, there are already some great deals in certain real estate markets and there will be more coming along. Where does one go to become more familiar with real estate? Let’s check out our Investing Primer which just so happens to have a piece on Exploring Real Estate Investments: Introduction.

For those interested in real estate, this link provides a wealth of information on the following: 

1. What is Real Estate

2. Types of Real Esate

3. Characteristics of Real Estate Investments

4. Advantages and Disadvantages

5. Buying and Owning Real Estate

6. Finding Investment Value

7. Conclusion

Location, location, location . . . and the best location to start investigating further about real estate as you navigate the economic landscape is Sense on Cents!!


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