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From the Archives: The Greatest Generation

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 29, 2009 5:30 AM |

Our economy and country are experiencing challenges which will not be fixed in short order. While our economic foundation is being tested, is our moral fiber being questioned as well? I would clearly say it is. While I am not here to address specific social questions of a moral nature, I remain convinced that as a nation we need to rediscover the virtues of sacrifice, decency, integrity, love of family, and love of country. While the media may put these topics in the category of political correctness, any fair measure or assessment of our nation on these topics would, in my opinion, show us to be deficient.

In light of that, I believe an increase in civil service is necessary and important to redirecting our nation. I called on this civil service to be mandatory last November. My call was not well received but that is OK, I do not write to be popular.

How prophetic that a measure passing through the House and Senate for Expanding National Service  is receiving strong bipartisan support.

I am happy to share my piece from last November, The Greatest Generation, with our newer readers.     


  • Mountainaires

    I’m glad a thinking Congresswoman managed to insert a provision prohibiting any civic or national service covered under this bill which involves political activities.

  • Outstanding article. Our country needs more of this in these dire times. What happened to the pride that many Americans used to have in our country.

    If you look at some of the other countries today who are very successful, they have mandatory civil service.

    Here is an article that is worth reading that relates to this subject:

    — SoV

  • Larry Doyle

    Sons…thanks for sharing that link. Interesting debate in that article. I am not endorsing that everybody needs to join the military but there are plenty of other options and needs.

    A little more pride and dedication can go a long way.

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