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AIG “Robs the Bank”

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 15, 2009 9:07 AM |

When an entity has an 80% equity stake in a company, one may think that nothing of substance could happen there without that majority shareholder’s consent. Well, how is it that the black hole known as AIG to Pay $450 Million in Bonuses

We may see some arm waving and loud pronouncements from Congress about investigations, but the question still begs as to how this happened. The government took this majority stake in AIG last September. Are we to believe government representatives were both unaware of potential contractual payments and that they did not approve them? How could the government approve payments within a division that brought the global markets to its knees? 

Perhaps we should revisit the theme of my piece, How Wall Street Bought Washington.  Embedded in that piece, we can see the insurance industry lavished $220 million in campaign contributions and $1.1 billion in lobbying dollars on Washington over the last decade. AIG was one of the primary sources of that money.

Follow the money!!


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