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A New TARP Plan

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 21, 2009 9:13 PM |


Cartoon by Walt Handelsman, Newsday

  • Larry – Riverdaughter has a article by dakinkat
    Zombie Banks must DIE!

    Quotes quite a few economists including Krugman and Calculated Risk who do not like the new leaked plan reported by the NYT.

    They spend a lot of time quoting Naked Capitalism who postulates what will happened. The article aggrigates a lot of other economists.

    So – my question is: so we know anything about the Naked Capitalism site- is it more right than wrong?

    If Naked Capitalism is right the Republicans will shred this plan.

    So – I am looking forward to your analysis as you provide the perspective of some one with boots on te ground experience in the industry.
    BTW I love your blog!

  • fiscalliberal

    Larry – two questions

    1-Is Dodd in trouble for the next election

    2- We hear about the tour busses going to the AIG executive houses in Conn. Have you seen any of them come past your house?


    • Larry Doyle

      CT is a very Democratic state overall. However, there were enough Republicans who supported Lieberman in the general election after Lamont had defeated him in the primary to help Lieberman win. I think Dodd is very vulnerable as well he should be!

      Dodd is getting skewered in most of the editorials of the local newspapers. He is taking some real hits.

      I have not seen any of the busloads but that behavior promoted by populist outrage stoked by the Democratic legisalture is criminal. I did hear of one executive who has hired security patrols and guard dogs to protect him and his family.

      What happened to decency within our country. Where are our leaders when you really need them?

      Think’s point is very well taken. The outrage should be largely directed to the crowd in Washington!!

  • thinkaboutthis

    fiscal– I do not see how those bussed in people cannot be charged with stalking. Also, it reminds me of an ACORN or SEIU strategy. This behavior toward others is so misplaced. The bussed folks should be outside the White House. Obama signed this into law and that is where it should of been picked up. NEGLIGENCE and TRIANGULATION to its fullest..

  • getfitnow

    I read early that only one bus arrived. That’s one bus too many. But it sounds like it fizzled as well as the big push yesterday by ACORN and like groups to drum up support for the budget. I saw one group of 5-6 young people yesterday. They were all dressed alike with clipboards. They may not have been part of “the team”. that was just my first thought. Other than that, no sign. I think it it’s all hype, just like BO. They write the narrative and we’re supposed to just believe.

    LD, is there blogtalkradio tonight?

  • Larry Doyle

    Yes…8pm show tonight…

  • lizzy

    The outrage over AIG bonuses is badly misdiredted. It seems we should be more concerned with the billions being doled out to banks by AIG. Our greatest concern should be to remove the thieves in the White House and Congress who were bought and paid for by AIG, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and the other big banks.

  • Larry Doyle

    Bingo!! I think Mr. Dodd is feeling some of that heat and is trying to redirect it. This sort of scenario occurs when people are conflicted. Our pols are massively conflicted.

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