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Stimulus Bill . . . Where’s the Accountability?

Posted by Larry Doyle on February 4, 2009 4:31 PM |

I fully appreciate the dire circumstances of our current economic times. I am fully supportive of promoting programs that help those who are unemployed, losing their shelter, healthcare, and basic necessities. In times of crisis, Americans need to take care of our fellow citizens. History has proven we need bold moves and strong leadership. In the face of these needs, the politicians in Washington who crafted the economic stimulus plan loaded it up with so much pork that it is more in the camp of “feeding from the trough” than providing critically important stimulus.

We had written previously that we were concerned this bill would be more a promotion of the Democratic agenda than a focus on judiciously allocating capital to generate the greatest immediate impact and laying the foundation for real long term sustainability. Leave it to the base elements of our political process to start from a bad spot and work towards something acceptable than displaying real statesmanship right from the outset.

Who understands this? The American people understand and are voicing their opinions en masse to their elected officials. The pols are hearing them and representatives on both sides of the aisle are working to refine this piece of legislation. A lot of the “fat” in this bill must come out. Why can’t we get a public accounting of the politicians who include the different requests for shameless funding?

Why is it that virtually every economist I have read has repudiated the structure of this bill. Where’s the leadership? I am fully supportive of funding programs that will address real needs and pay long term dividends. In regard to water parks, Hollywood film production tax cuts, STDs, and the like, what country is this? Who proposed these programs? While Obama continues to defend this stimulus plan, the American populace is rallying for significant changes.


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