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The Integrity of the Game

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 22nd, 2012 5:31 AM |

The penalties handed out by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to the coaches and executives of the New Orleans Saints organization for the bounty program practiced down on the bayou were perhaps the stiffest in the history of the game.

Goodell has shown himself to be a no-nonsense individual cut from the mold of Kenesaw Mountain Landis. Goodell is clearly focused on protecting the sport, and knows that any program which promotes an intent to injure renders modern day football to little more than barbarism. (more…)

CT AG Blumenthal Suing Rating Agencies

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 10th, 2010 1:22 PM |

When investors lose their shirts, what is the next thing that happens? They get pissed. Then what? They call their lawyers and file lawsuits. While individual firms on Wall Street face lawsuits all the time, it is not often that the institution of Wall Street itself is sued.

In late January, we witnessed a massive lawsuit filed on behalf of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle against a large number of Wall Street banks. To reference that suit, read here. Today, The Wall Street Journal highlights Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to Sue Moody’s, S&P, the pillars of the Wall Street ratings game:

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will announce a lawsuit Wednesday against rating firms Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s alleging that they knowingly assigned “tainted ratings” for “risky investments” backed by subprime loans. (more…)

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