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David Kotok on Why We Need to Go Over the Cliff

Posted by Larry Doyle on December 6th, 2012 8:26 AM |

When might an individual with serious personal problems decide to make necessary change in his life? When they reach the depths of hell and decide “it does not need to be this way and it won’t any longer.”

How about a nation? Is there any doubt our nation faces enormous problems, fiscal and otherwise?  The manner in which we confront these problems will have a profound impact on our nation for generations. Will Washington swerve and avoid the fiscal cliff that some believe will lead us into a hellacious recession or are we better off actually experiencing that so as to finally wake up and make the necessary change? Are we even capable?

David Kotok of Cumberland Advisors provides real ‘sense on cents’ on this topic in response to a question posed to him, “what would you like see happen with the fiscal cliff?”  (more…)

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