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Charles Lewis: If Truth Be Told

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 19th, 2014 9:50 AM |

The truth.

The health of our democracy demands that we pursue and embrace the truth wherever it may take us and whatever we may learn. Regrettably as a nation the truth often largely escapes us due to forces wielded by those who might suffer in the process. We see evidence of this reality almost on a daily basis.

Investigative journalism is critically important to unearthing the truth yet this most noble undertaking remains under serious pressure. Fortunately we have individuals like Charles Lewis, one of the most highly distinguished investigative journalists in our nation’s history, to fight back against the tide.

Lewis provides fabulous context on this topic in a recently penned 3-part series entitled If Truth Be Told. In light of all that is going on in our nation, this series qualifies as an absolute must read and an instant Sense on Cents classic. As a teaser, I welcome providing a few snippets of Lewis’ work. Let’s navigate.  (more…)

From the Archives: Stifling the Truth Is Abuse of Capitalism

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 1st, 2012 6:14 AM |

Given the strong and varied response to a few of my most recent commentaries, I thought it may be insightful to take a look back into the archives. In September 2011, I took a bit of a sabbatical from writing. I would like to rerun the first post back from that break which ran in early October 2011. Has anything really changed from where we were a year ago this week? I think not.

In fact, I think the issues our nation has in finding, embracing, and revealing the truth are now more troubling than ever. What does that say about us as a people and a society? One reader the other day equated us to mushrooms being “fed manure and kept in the dark.” With no desire to sit idly by being fed a daily dose of dung, I welcome the challenge of continuing to pursue the truth as we navigate the economic landscape. LD

From the archives written here at Sense on Cents on October 6, 2011

Information is everything.

Access to information combined with fair and open markets are cornerstones of our free market capitalist system. With our economy continuing to lag, I have witnessed an increase in the stifling of the truth.  (more…)

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