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NY Fed’s Dudley Indicts Banks’ “Lack of Respect for Law, Regulation, Public Trust”

Posted by Larry Doyle on November 8th, 2013 7:33 AM |

Wow, just wow.

It is not often if ever that a major Federal Reserve governor will turn on his own banking bedmates, but we witnessed just that yesterday in an address delivered by New York Fed governor William Dudley at the Global Economic Policy Forum in New York City.

Dudley’s talk was intended to provide an outline for ending the ongoing ‘too big to fail’ reality of our major banking institutions.

Hey, wait a second. I thought Dodd-Frank ended too big to fail, didn’t it? President Obama told us so. Well, he also told us that if we liked our health care plan and our doctors and our hospitals that we could keep them . . . and we see where that got us. Back to Dudley’s talk in which he let slip a statement that should unnerve Wall Street and Washington to their very core.     (more…)

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