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From Madison, Wisconsin to the Shores of Tripoli

Posted by Larry Doyle on February 22nd, 2011 7:22 AM |

What do I see as recurring themes on our global economic landscape? Unrecognized financial losses lead to overreaching economic programs. Those programs influence political change, but also ultimately varying degrees of social and civil unrest.

Over the course of the last year, we have witnessed differing iterations of this scenario play out in Greece, England, Ireland, and elsewhere. The current hotspots on our global map are Middle Eastern and northern African nations, specifically Libya. The distance from Tripoli, Libya and Cairo, Egypt to Madison, Wisconsin is approximately 5000 miles and 6000 miles respectively. Is the distance between these locales actually much closer than that?  Are there any similarities to the bloodshed being experienced in Tripoli, and previously Cairo to the tame protests on the university town of Madison, Wisconsin?

I believe there are. Recently, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan made this comparison as well. Let’s view Ryan’s comment and then navigate further.

Regardless of what you think of Ryan, I do believe there are real similarities between the unrest in the Middle East and that on display in Madison. How so? Well, what is the basis for the unrest in the Middle East? Rent.

What are you talking about, LD? What the hell is rent? (more…)

Connecting the Dots: Our Dollar Continues Multi-Year Decline as Both Political Parties Are “On the Take”

Posted by Larry Doyle on February 15th, 2011 8:55 AM |

In the course of my regular early morning reading (thank you to the regular readers who feed me these resources), I came across some fabulous work.

1. The Dallas Federal Reserve puts forth an enlightening piece entitled Global Economic Conditions. The 43 page treatise covers a wealth of information but my attention was grabbed primarily by the graph highlighting the continued decline in the core rate of inflation on page 11, and the ~20% decline in the value of our U.S. dollar over the last decade versus other major currencies on page 38.

While skyrocketing food and energy costs globally will likely continue to foment civil unrest in selected nations, Fed chair Bernanke is assuredly singularly focused on that continued decline in the core rate of inflation. How will he respond? Many individuals whom I respect believe Bernanke will continue to flood our economy with more and more dollars via quantitative easing. What does that portend for the value of our greenback? It ain’t good. What do others think of our Federal Reserve and fiscal fiascos? Let’s navigate further. (more…)

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