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Doyle Holiday Cheer

Posted by Larry Doyle on December 23rd, 2010 7:58 AM |

What do you get when you put five Irish guys involved in finance around a table?

1. A lot of laughs.
2. Varied opinions.
3. Interesting insights.
4. A mix of plenty BS and zero BS depending on the topic.
5. Real bonding and true friendship.
6. ‘Sense on cents.’
7. All of the above.

Well, last evening 4 of my 7 siblings (6 brothers) and I got together with our respective families, including 16 nieces and nephews, for some Doyle holiday cheer. We covered all of the points highlighted above, plus some. Having experienced many of these get togethers over the years, I often wish that a tape recorder were running to capture the material and bantering. (more…)

Lots of Laughs and ‘Sense on Cents’ With New York’s Bravest

Posted by Larry Doyle on September 14th, 2010 7:25 AM |

How often do we not remember what we did last week, while never forgetting the jokes told and the 3-putt greens in the midst of friends at a charitable golf outing? I was fortunate yesterday to play in a local charity golf outing with some of New York’s Bravest. While the funds raised were not for the benefit of the NYFD itself, the fact that I was able to spend time in their company was awesome. Reminiscing about past golf outings while simultaneously making new memories which we can share in the coming years was spectacular.

As has happened in the past, and given that this outing occurs shortly after 9-11, our conversation included recollections of that fateful day. The depth of their feelings and memories of so many lost friends and fallen comrades are truly palpable. May we never forget. I am not writing today to rekindle those memories, but I do feel compelled to pay respect to all those members of the NYFD and NYPD who made the ultimate sacrifice that day.

While  the best memories from a day like yesterday are from the interaction with The Bravest, other members of our respective groups are also top shelf and actively involved in the markets. While there is plenty that occurs on a golf course that is best left on the golf course, in the midst of lost balls and missed putts, there were plenty of comments and opinions on our markets and economy. While I lost my share of golf balls, I picked up plenty of insights including: (more…)

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