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Control Your Finances

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 2, 2009 7:43 PM |

For those who have been tracking my work for the last few months, you have heard me repeat the theme, “control your finances, so that your finances do not control you.”  Effectively, I am trying to address the financial disciplines that are less a series of individual transactions and more a way of life.

These disciplines are more easily formed at the earliest stages of one’s financial life and then reinforced throughout life. On that note, this piece is primarily targeted to our younger readers, although it certainly has applications for everybody.  

Our social customs have relegated the virtue of thrift to the back burner. In the process, our massive debt burdens are crippling us. Well, let’s move that virtue of thrift front and center and get very specific on this topic. Sense on Cents provides a link to a great investing primer (found in the right sidebar). There’s a wealth of information included in the link, but for now check out  Eight Financial Tips for Young Adults .

While reading the playbook is a good start, ultimately winning the game is all about execution. These plays may not be the answer to all your financial issues, but they are certainly a solid start in controlling your finances, so they do not control you!!


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