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Book Talk: In Bed with Wall Street at New York Public Library, July 31 at 6pm

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 23, 2014 11:34 AM |

In late April I had the good fortune to speak to a packed house about my book In Bed with Wall Street at the Boston Public Library, the third largest library — and one of the oldest — in our nation. In early June I was pleased to regale a filled room at the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world, about the exploits and escapades of those ‘in bed with Wall Street.’

Next week I complete the trifecta of the greatest libraries in the land when I talk about my book at the New York Public Library. Details of the talk are as follows:

Thursday July 31 at 6pm
New York Public Library: Science, Industry, and Business Branch
188 Madison Avenue (at 34th Street)

I am pleased that there have been some selected recent initiatives and statements made that address topics I highlight in the book. That said, the culture of regulatory capture, what some might define as ‘legal corruption’, and illegal corruption as well remains rife with a host of ugly and unsavory activities that have little to do with promoting and protecting the public interest. I welcome bringing real transparency to an incestuous Wall Street-Washington culture that badly needs it.

I hope those in and around New York City next Thursday evening can join me for this talk. Bring a friend or a colleague and rest assured I will not be bashful in pulling back the blanket, naming names, and a whole lot more.

Larry Doyle

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