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How Are People ‘Tweeting’ Dave Brat’s Victory Over Eric Cantor?

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 11, 2014 9:52 AM |

Twenty four hours ago, how many people who follow politics and the markets in America knew the name Dave Brat? I would guess not that many.

I will admit that, prior to last evening, I did not know Dave Brat or that there even was a Republican primary scheduled in the state of Virginia. What a difference a day makes. Talk of Dave Brat’s historic upset of Eric Cantor is now dominating the airwaves and social media. In the quintessential example of ‘David slays Goliath,’ Brat brought down Cantor after having raised a paltry sum of $231,000.

Is it appropriate to compare Brat’s victory to the throwing of tea into Boston Harbor?

While plenty of the established talking heads will look to quickly paint Brat’s victory with the standard political fare, I think — and hope — that Brat’s victory is a statement that “the system is broken.” Is Brat’s victory an indication that the established status quo in Washington should be nervous? Let’s navigate and see how folks are tweeting this monumental upset:

“The issue is the Republican Party has been paying way too much attention to Wall Street and not enough attention to Main Street,” Mr. Brat said.

“Dollars do not vote, you do. This election is about basic American values and virtues…power belongs to the people.” –Dave Brat

David Brat: “All the investment bankers should’ve gone to jail. Instead they went into Eric Cantor’s Rolodex.”

“If [Cantor] ever took a vote that challenged the rich and powerful, it’s news to me.” (A listing of Cantor’s top contributors):

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DaveBrat‘s main slogan is: “I will make Washington as irrelevant to your every day life as possible.”

The Chamber of Commerce backed Eric Cantor. Crony Capitalism lost tonight in VA. Dave Brat, an economist, beat it.

‘People Are Sick and Tired of Centralized Government’

Principled. “Fundamentals matter”: Dave Brat: GOP “Paying Too Much Attn To Wall Street And Not Enough To Main Street”

Dave Brat told Chuck Todd: “I’m not anti-Wall Street. I’m anti-distortions to the free-market.”

Dave Brat says he wants free markets & equal treatment to all. Corporate America won’t like that.

America doesn’t want amnesty. Eric Cantor wants amnesty. Therefore, America doesn’t want Eric Cantor.

Dave Brat‘s campaign manager, year out of college, had only run a delegate race before unseating the House maj leader.

Dave Brat Reflects on Defeating Cantor: ‘The People Know the Country is Going in the Wrong Direction’

DaveBrat: Cantor was out of touch, “I was door knocking and I know what was on the mind of the folks”

DaveBrat had two paid staffers who ran his campaign on a flip phone.”

I think it will only get more interesting from here. Well established interests on both sides of the aisle never like when an upstart enters the room looking to upset the status quo. Brat is a proponent of term limits. He states as much on his site:

I am a strong proponent of term limits for members of Congress. Career politicians and special moneyed interests have corrupted our democratic system.  I pledge to support and submit legislation that enforces term limits. Ideally, Congressional term limits would be for 12 years total, across both The House and The Senate. Thus, I pledge to term limit myself to 12 years in Congress.

Here’s hoping that Brat, and others like him, can pull back the blanket and expose the crony corruption ongoing in Washington on so many fronts.

Larry Doyle

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