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Reader Reviews: In Bed with Wall Street

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 23, 2014 12:31 PM |

I thank those who have not only read my book but taken the time to leave their thoughts on the book’s page at Amazon. I welcome sharing some selected comments in the hope that they might stimulate others to want to pick up the book.

Author Larry Doyle has written a book that you simply cannot put down. It is a page-turner and each page is a thriller that takes you on an adventure like you’ve never been on. Larry was unafraid to step up to the plate and tell America all of the ugly details behind the conspiracy and the collusion among Wall Street bigwigs, insiders, and so-called admired top brass as well as the politicians, and the regulators.

Buy two copies, one for yourself and one for your Congressman.

This amazing book is becoming the needed bridge between the ‘regular, small’ guy and the honest part of Wall Street.

This is a great read and goes into great detail that anyone, even someone who is not familiar with financial markets, can understand. In Bed with Wall Street should be required reading for every high school student in this country.

This is the first book that truly pulls the curtain back on how the average investor gets fleeced by Wall Street. This is a must read for everyone who would like a fair system of capitalism in this country. It’s perhaps one of the most truthful books on this topic I’ve ever read.

Recommend that anyone with an IRA account, investments in stocks or wondering why their CDs are only paying 1% read this book.

Mr. Doyle brings fresh insight and understanding to current day complex (& profitable) relationship between Wall St and Washington DC. His careful and supported case studies are lucid, analytical and scary. I consider his book the freshest & possibly the most important summary of the last ten years of our economy to date.

Larry has produced an impressive work that reads like a thriller novel but is based on corroborated facts complete with a historical perspective making the story he tells of a tilted playing field and the facade of regulation difficult to argue with. He takes the high road avoiding partisan politics but instead focuses on the interplay between Wall Street, politicians, and regulators pulling no punches along the way.

The real life stories are chilling to even the most seasoned veteran. Larry’s writing skills and the sobering reality and implications of the subject matter make this a book that you won’t want to put down.

Larry Doyle’s first book is a masterpiece. Without the usual partisan spin associated with most media Doyle creates a very well researched history of how our capital markets came very close to ruin. Having read virtually all the “tell all” books about the demise of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, etc, I came away from this book with a much clearer understanding of where blame lies.

Doyle not only demonstrates how failed the concept of a self regulated Wall Street is, in the last chapter he offers some real solutions that can once again restore investor confidence in our capital markets. This is a hard hitting, exceptional piece of investigative journalism reminiscent of Michael Lewis’ works.

As Larry has helped educate the public over the past five years using his blog as a vehicle to deliver his message, Larry once again, in plain English, helps to deliver a message that many in the main stream media refuse to address. If you like Larry’s blog you are going to love his book. It is a must read for every American. Well done Larry.

I’m not aware of any investigative journalism over the past five years that has been able to so effectively untangle the web of deceit and corruption that permeates the money game.

You read this book and you wonder why no one in Congress or the media has been willing or able to call a spade a spade. With the publication of “In Bed With Wall Street,” the ruse is laid bare.


I guess these readers liked it. I hope others might as well and will offer their thoughts in whatever open forum they may like so the book and its message are delivered as broadly as possible.


Larry Doyle

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