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Lowney:Pope Francis:Why He Leads the Way He Leads

Posted by Larry Doyle on November 4, 2013 11:17 AM |

I have long railed on the crony if not corrupt actors that populate much of our public stage.

One poll after the next highlights the fact that our current global economic and political landscape lacks true leadership. Not a day goes by in which I am not reviled by what some might define simply as spin, but serious critics including myself would call verbal diarrhea if not outright lying.

We pay the price in immeasurable ways for the societal blight weighing upon us while so many sociopaths and their ‘bedmates’ occupying high profile positions driven by ego and power prosper at unprecedented levels.

Where might we turn to get a whiff that there is some degree of hope in the world to stem this tide of legal and illegal corruption? A greater power is needed to counteract the all too pedestrian forces filling our airwaves and legislative halls. Indeed, the power of faith works in wondrous and mysterious ways. 

Just the other day my inbox had a message from a former Jesuit seminarian and Wall Street exec and now noted author, Chris Lowney.

I first crossed paths with Chris back in 2009. I am pleased that he now brings to my attention his new book on an individual who is displaying a sense of leadership that is sorely lacking elsewhere in the world. Lowney’s newest book addresses a Jesuit priest now the newest leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis. Lowney writes:

But Pope Francis has done more than challenge his own Church; he is challenging our wider culture’s whole approach to leadership by embodying a refreshing, deeply counter-cultural vision of how leaders live and what they value. He seems deeply self-aware and authentic, for example, while so many prominent public figures nowadays seem superficial and fake, constantly trying to spin us.

The Pope seems driven by a passion to serve, not by a craving for status, money, or power. Our culture is becoming increasingly self-absorbed and fascinated with superficial pursuits; he is striving to focus us beyond ourselves, on the struggles of our neediest brothers and sisters around the world.

As I watched him, I started to wonder whether this unlikely choice for pope, even while igniting change in his Church, could be an equally unlikely catalyst for a long-overdue global conversation about leadership.

There is no doubt the Catholic Church itself has had a crisis of leadership within its own ranks over the last number of decades. Yet, hope springs eternal. For those who might like to keep hope alive and receive a bit of inspiration in the manner that I just have, I welcome sharing the first chapter — 12 pages of guidance and inspiration — of Lowney’s work (click on image below for a pdf):

Pope Francis

Yes indeed, the next book I will be reading is Chris Lowney’s work, Pope Francis: Why He Leads The Way He Leads.

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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