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Let’s Not Forget About Insurance Exposures

Posted by Larry Doyle on February 20, 2009 11:47 AM |

While the markets and media are focusing predominantly on the banks and their capitalization needs, there are significant problems throughout the insurance industry as well. The primary exposures within insurance companies causing concerns lie within their commercial real estate holdings. 

We have yet to see the actual defaults and foreclosures on a large swath of the commercial real estate market, but they are out there and they are coming. Let’s review the insurance industry along with some personal finance tips from an interview I had on my weekly No Quarter Radio program with an expert in these spaces, Sean D’Arcy. A lot of what Sean highlighted during his interview on January 11th is happening currently and likely will occur in the weeks and months ahead!!

You can listen to the archived audio of the January 11th interview on No Quarter Radio. In addition, I transcribed the interview in my piece “Got Insurance? 529 Plans? Financial Planning? Read On . . .”   


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