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October 31, 2009 Market Review: Cinderella’s Ball?

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 31st, 2009 8:34 AM |

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Is the clock getting ready to strike twelve? Is it time to get home? Is the magical ball that has enchanted many market participants about to end? How so? As quantitative easing programs around the world end and global governments start to increase interest rates, will we experience a double dip in the global economy?

Or, are the Uncle Sam economy and numerous global economies blazing new trails and redefining the economic landscape?

As with most things economic and market related, the answers are never ‘crystal’ clear nor do they fit like a ‘slipper,’ but let’s do our best to read the October market moves and project our way forward.


The U.S. economy came out of recession in the 3rd quarter with a positive 3.5% print. While that number surprised to the upside, please review my post “Grossly Distorted Product” or “Christmas in July” to get a pulse on just how weak the American consumer remains. Further confirmation of a subdued American consumer is reflected in the decidedly weak Consumer Confidence report highlighted in my post,¬†“Jobs + Housing = Consumer Confidence.”

Around the globe, non-Japan Asia is generating some real growth. To wit, we have already seen Australia raise interest rates to stem fears of inflation. Who next raised rates? Norway. The U.K remains mired in a recession. Eastern Europe is struggling while Germany is leading the EU. If we know anything about Germany, they have little interest in any hints of inflation.

While there are pockets of strength around the globe, many economies – including the U.S. – remain challenged. What will continue to happen? International trade tensions as weak countries try to generate greater exports via weak currencies.

Let’s review market returns. (more…)

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