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Story of John and George Huynh and American Dream

Posted by Larry Doyle on December 18, 2013 6:45 AM |

I beg your indulgence today as I swerve from our standard navigation of the economic landscape to highlight a human interest story that is beyond special.

I exhort you to take the mere few minutes to look away from the stream of info that pours across the market tape and newswires and focus on this story of two young men and a reporter who became mentor and friend. I assure you that you will not be disappointed and will come away inspired.

What makes this story even more special for me is that these young men are growing up not all that far, as the crow flies, from the neighborhood of my youth. Yet while the distance can be measured in mere miles, the circumstances truthfully might as well be a world away. That said, the buses that these boys ride and the school that they attend are the same buses and the same school that I attended as a youth 40 years ago.

Prepare to be inspired as I share with you a story of love and determination in the face of almost overwhelming odds. The story’s delivery is unique unto itself, as a local reporter in Boston sent out a series of tweets the other day highlighting what can only be defined as the pursuit of the American dream.

Let’s meet John and George Huynh.

I hope this story will tug at your heart as it has mine. In this season of faith, hope, and love, I think the story of Johnny and George and their mentors can serve as inspiration for that which is still possible in this great land.

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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