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Jammin’ with Recession Sessions

Posted by Larry Doyle on May 7, 2011 9:06 AM |

For a little weekend Sense on Cents entertainment, I am happy to promote the youthful musical exuberance of Recession Sessions. This group of young artists utilizes their musical talents to comment on the issues which we address everyday while navigating the economic landscape.

Who are Recession Sessions?

Recession Sessions was born in 2008 out of the desire to capture the Great Recession in song. From early worries of stagflation, to the more recent implementation of a second round of quantitative easing, we tried to capture the major events of the crisis as they unfolded. Three years and several continents later, the album is finished, but is the crisis really over yet?

We believe that it takes an unusually creative and unique approach to make a difference. A portion of sales will be used to support the Somerville Homeless Coalition, which provides crucial services to individuals and families in Greater Boston.

Take a listen and enjoy the brief 2-minute trailer highlighting the story, work, and talent of Recession Sessions.

1….2…3…..hit it!


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