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Weekend Read: “All My Babies’ Mamas . . .”

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 26, 2013 11:35 AM |

Having addressed the extensive and increasing social costs associated with the explosion of single parent births in America, I welcome sharing a hard hitting commentary written by Lloyd Marcus. Who is Lloyd Marcus?

His childhood began in a Baltimore ghetto. He grew to manhood in the 1960s. He is an artist, singer, production designer and musical producer . . . His parents moved with their five children into a brand-new, high-rise apartment building in the Baltimore projects. Then came their neighbors. Many were drug addicts, alcoholics and criminals. They destroyed the apartment building. “Within one year, it was ruined,” Marcus said. “It taught me a lot about liberalism.

What has Mr. Marcus got to say today? 

Well, I am not about to give you a soft puff piece. Mr. Marcus hits hard in writing,

As a teen in the 1960s, I idolized Jim, my slightly older street-smart cousin who lived in a tough area of Baltimore.  Murders were common at the bar on the corner from his home.  I was Jim’s nerdy, naïve preacher’s-kid cousin who visited from suburbia.  Sleepovers at Jim’s home in the city were exciting.  “Downtown, where all the lights are bright…”  You know the song.

Walking from the Yakamee joint, “Casanova” Jim coached, “Just say you love them.”  While I wanted my experience to go beyond the stimulation of excessively close slow dancing to Marvin Gaye songs at un-chaperoned dark basement parties, lying to a girl to have my way with her did not set well.  Doggone home training!  I was nagged by the truth that it is wrong to use someone solely for my pleasure, not caring about how it affected her.

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).  In college, I tried to muzzle my conscience with drugs and alcohol.  Fortunately, I did not produce any children out of wedlock.

Tom, another cousin of mine, had babies all over town, which destroyed his life.  He was incarcerated numerous times for non-payment of child support.  In those days, serial impregnators were considered dishonorable men.

Today, in 2013, the liberal Oxygen channel had planned to celebrate dishonorable behavior as representative of the “hip” modern black experience with a new reality show titled All My Babies’ Mamas.  Canceled due to public outcry, the star of the show was a rapper whose serial sperm-donating produced eleven babies by ten women.

All My Babies’ Mamas is characteristic of liberals’ typical bigotry of lowered expectations regarding minorities.  Liberals accuse black conservatives who reject liberal racist stereotypes of being traitors to their race, trying to be white, and “selling out.”

Long-suffering courageous black conservatives offer blacks real empowerment: liberation from crippling victimhood and entitlement mindsets.  Due to liberals’ resentment/hatred for America and traditional values, they are repulsed when black conservatives encourage blacks to get an education, work hard, revive traditional black community morality, and go for their dreams.

In the 1950s, most black kids grew up in two-parent households.  Today, most black kids grow up fatherless as a result of liberal policies that destroyed the black family.  Only half of black males graduate high school.  Clearly, something is wrong in the black community, and it ain’t the white man’s fault.

For decades, liberals (Democrats, Hollywood, and the media) have been and continue serving blacks excrement while calling it filet mignon.  For example: in the name of compassion, liberals routinely demean and even undermine the intellect and character of blacks.  Liberals insist that standards must be lowered for blacks to get the job or pass the test.  Americans are required to show a photo ID to board an airplane, cash a check, and successfully navigate countless other situations.  And yet, liberals say showing a photo ID to vote is racist and disenfranchises blacks.

Will someone please tell me what the heck is so challenging about us blacks finding our way to acquire a photo ID?  By the way, I am black, and I have one.  I guess liberals think I am remarkable — similar to the apes in Planet of the Apes discovering that Charlton Heston, a human, could speak.

Any suggestion of blacks performing on an equal playing field with whites or blacks assuming personal responsibility for their lives and behavior is deemed racist by liberals.

I suspect that Oxygen was shocked by the public outcry against All My Babies’ Mamas.  Liberals think: What’s up with that?  Oxygen is cool, showing that they be down with the hood and in tune with authentic blackness in America.  Oxygen probably considers All My Babies’ Mamas the modern urban version of Ozzie and Harriet.  Okay, so the show promotes lax morals and husband-less households which breed crime, school dropouts, gangs, and poverty.  Only out-of-touch fuddy-duddy Uncle Tom black conservatives and racist white conservatives would find the show objectionable.

Liberals (Democrats and the media) have been peddling crap and pimping government programs that cripple blacks for years.  And yet, liberals are thought of as heroes to blacks while they beat up on black conservatives for spreading the truth that blacks are diverse, self-reliant, bright, and capable of much more.

By the way, political consultants say that to win elections, Republicans/conservatives must get with the program.  They say we must embrace the new “amoral” culture and liberal thinking that produces shows like All My Babies’ Mamas.  I say, “Balderdash!”

All My Babies’ Mamas Reveals Liberals Opinions of Blacks

I applaud Mr. Marcus for standing up and speaking out on the issue that I believe WILL CONTINUE to cripple our nation, that being the increasing rate of single parent births. We need more men like Lloyd Marcus who not only know what a REAL man is but how a REAL man acts.

The greatest social program ever implemented is the two parent family.

What do readers think? Thoughts, comments, constructive criticisms encouraged and appreciated.

I thank the regular reader who brought this story to my attention.

Larry Doyle

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I have no business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.


  • CB

    I appreciate Mr. Marcus’s accomplishments and opinion but with less liberal/conservative polarization. 
    The media glamorizes all manner of nonsense and as a form of entertainment so why is this different? It seems personal responsibility is not particularly encouraged or rewarded in modern US society – from absentee fathers with multiple baby mamas to CEO’s of criminal financial firms. Enjoying immediate rewards and passing long term risks off to others is the name of the game. It’s the same behavior – just a different socio-economic group (with less influence on lawmakers for special loopholes.)       

  • GMA

    THANK you for this article. And, kudoes to Mr. Marcus. The issue of children being born to young women who are not in an officially commmitted, long term relationship with another adult has long been recognized as contributing to many of the problems that afflict segments of the black community. However, it has now become more of an accepted “norm” in the white community as well. Yes…taxpayers get stuck with financial responsibility for other people’s children, but the longer term consequences go well beyond that. Young men are not held accountable, young women find themselves with long term obligations they had not fully anticipated, the children are often deprived of the stabilizing influences of a consistent home environment and the love and interest of TWO parents. Seems there are no real winners when irresponsible child-making is not only accepted…it is actively supported.

  • Evelyn

    Lloyd Marcus is quite wrong about liberals and what they think about blacks. Liberals really believe that their ideas will help blacks out of poverty and destructive behavior. Their hearts are in the right place. They are just not examining the evidence that so very many of their ideas and programs have not only not worked, but have harmed the entire society, with black taking the brunt of it. I think that is beginning to change, though.

  • John

    Just one comment…I’ve become very tired of authors and people on Twitter telling me who a liberal is and what they think. We don’t live in a black and white world. Anyone that adheres to a point of view just because they identify with one leaning or the other is buying in to and furthering our absurd polarized country.

    Although I paid my way through college without loans, now own 2 homes outright, day trade for a living and voted GOP from Nixon on up to Bush Jr’s 2nd term, I commonly am assumed to be a “Libtard” because I don’t accept everything the RW says. However, nor do I accept everything the Left says.

    Time to end this “Liberals Always Do This” attitude. You will find many Conservatives that didn’t like the proposed show. You will also find many Liberals that understand the black in a white world issue…You’ll also find (gasp) that many Liberals own guns….and Conservatives (sic) like me that don’t.

  • Chris


    Thanks for sharing this hard hitting truth with all so us. Thanks as well for bringing focus to the hypocrisy of many liberals, especially those in Congress.

  • truthinjustice

    Is this really a black in white world issue? IMO, things have swung significantly and we’re more in a white in in black/hispanic/mix world issue. Who is carrying the brunt of the burden for so many? Not hard to figure out.

  • Don

    While I’m glad that this ridiculous garbage will never air on television, it states volumes as to the character of our society that it was ever ‘green-lit’ to start with. That said, tv is not the real issue. This once great nation has so lost our moral compass in EVERY respect, as CB posted above. I truly and sadly believe we are witnessing the decline of the west. No empire can stand forever.

  • truthinjustice

    Don, I disagree in that this should be aired on TV over and over and over again. The truth needs to be heard; only then will this once great nation begin to heal and learn from what it has done and continues to do. We are a society of aiding and abetting as we continue to feed the the culture of those bringing us down. We have our government to blame for that along with the self righteous banksters who have helped supress the hard working Americans. We need to STOP trying to be so “politically correct” and start being honest. Honesty may hurt but it’s far better than what we are have now which is an avoidance from truth.

  • Richard

    This is wrong on so many levels, I do not know how to begin to refute this.
    Yet, this is does not seem to be a minority opinion.
    If “Liberals” are to blame, then “Conservatives” have the answer?

    • LD


      Well as a start perhaps Uncle Sam may stop by rewarding those who remain unmarried relative to those who actually get married. Little doubt that people understand that and act accordingly.

      Any thoughts about a single parent birth rate of over 40% now in the nation and with a >70 per cent of single parent births for African Americans.

      Reward marriage or at the very least do not penalize it. That’s a start.

      Thanks for writing.

  • siddan

    I thought I knew a little bit about what you stood for LD, but after this bogus write-up from the bogus black guy, you certainly leave no doubt. Frankly, I never anticipated seeing crap like that on your blog. I realize that you were a fervent supporter of Mitt, but tell me dude, does it hurt this bad….geeez!

    • LD


      Perhaps rather than taking potshots at me and Mr. Marcus, you may care to address the actual points highlighted in the commentary.

      How about if we go down that road and see what we might learn.

      Additionally, I have been addressing the topics highlighted here for much longer than during the last election….and I will be addressing them much longer than the next election.

      So enough with the bogus crap, what do you think about the topics on the table, those being, the exploding rates of single parent births and the accompanying enormous social costs that go along with them.

      Show us what you got and enlighten us. . . geeez….

      • Randee


        You have to be the most defensive blogger around. And that’s saying something. Siddan raised some good points, and the not-so-veiled racism of many of the commenters on this site should not be overlooked. If we are to end the racial divide in America it needs to begin with sites like this. Your readers generally need to be educated, and by snapping at everyone with an ethnic sounding name you contribute to the problem.

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