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Let’s Go Fightin’ Irish!!

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 6, 2013 4:33 PM |

Every now and then, I like to take a sidetrack with my blog to express support for personal passions. Today is one of those days.

There is little doubt that in America circa 2013 all too many corners of our nation’s social fabric are littered with institutions and industries that compromise values and principles in pursuit of profit and victory. I will not burden you by listing off the names of individuals, companies, and other pursuits that live in this cesspool.

I will share with you the name of one institution and one team that stands out by pursuing victory while elevating its principles rather than subjugating them. What institution and what team? 

The University of Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish football team.

I am a graduate of another fine Catholic institution, that is the College of the Holy Cross. I have come to love Notre Dame over the last few years, though, given that my son is a sophomore at this fine institution in South Bend. I thank all of those at Notre Dame who give so much of themselves to see that students grow personally, academically, and spiritually.

In regard to Notre Dame football and the student-athletes on the team, I have personally inquired of my son as to how they interact with the student body at large and how they comport themselves in the classroom. My son informed me that he has had a number of classes with members of the football team and they are very engaged in the classroom and also in the dorms (no separate athletic housing at ND). Notre Dame is not only currently ranked #1 in football — and will hopefully bring home the national championship tomorrow night — but the Fightin’ Irish are ranked #1 in terms of student-athlete graduation rate.

As former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz said just last evening, “Notre Dame has proven we can be on top without compromising one thing academically or our values.” Amen to that.

Other institutions and entities in America might care to be equally as demanding of themselves.

Go Fightin’ Irish, beat Alabama!!

Larry Doyle

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I have no business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.

  • Hank


    Beautiful sentiments! Let’s get a big win.

  • Ted

    Larry- amen.

    Unapologetically Catholic. God Bless ND.

    Go Irish.

  • Fr. Seamus McGillicuddy

    Let us pray:

    Hail Mary, full of grace
    Put the Crimson Tide in second place!

    Good luck and God bless.

  • Those ‘institutions and industries that compromise values and principles’ (not to mention Freedom, Liberty and the Rule of Law) ‘in pursuit of profit and victory’ could definitely learn more than a thing or two from the Fightin’ Irish!

    Thanks LD.

  • Shannon

    This offensive column may be the last Sense on Cents that I read. A friend told me that the Pope said Notre Dame is God’s team. Although I doubt the Pope commented at all, if indeed Notre Dame is God’s team, I’ll root for them in heaven. But here on Earth, it will always be: Roll Tide Roll!!!

    • LD


      Hopefully the only offense will be displayed on the field. I think they call it a game for a reason. Also, I wrote the following for a reason:

      Every now and then, I like to take a sidetrack with my blog to express support for personal passions. Today is one of those days.

      No knock on Alabama here. Merely touting the good works of ND.

    • Fr. Seamus McGillicuddy

      Bejaysus and begorrah! How is it than a one with such a fine Irish name as Shannon has fallen in among the heathens? Sure enough, the color of brimstone is crimson as well. Come back to us dear Shannon. All is forgiven.

  • crusader

    Shannon; Almost certainly the better team will win. Do not be offended by LD’s partisanship in a sporting event. I can assure you that he does not begrudge your support of The Crimson Tide. Good luck.

  • Randee

    What a pathetic performance by Notre Dame last night. This transcended a mere football game. The play on the field was so pathetic I think this loss will damage the university’s reputation for years to come and may even impact enrollments and endowments to the negative.

    And before we bestow sainthood and the Folding Irish, let us remember that a couple of years ago a student videographer was working atop a 20-ft high tower at practice in high winds and met his demise. Why didn’t Folding Irish coaches tell him to take the day off?

    Alabama handled itself with class and displayed vastly superior athleticism. Notre Dame was revealed to be a second rate football program at a third-rate university.

    • LD


      No doubt that Alabama was a far superior football team to ND but how many other teams/schools do you think would have liked to be in the game in the first place? A lot. Remember, it is a game. ND is in the business of preparing people for life which is why that hi-90% graduation rate is SO important. I do not think ND needs to be concerned about their enrollment and endowment.

      Given that your raise the topic of the tragedy with Declan Sullivan, perhaps you may care to learn that that both the Sullivan family and the university handled this tragic accident in a gracious manner and jointly launched a foundation in Declan’s name for the well being of low income youth in the city of Chicago.

      Second rate team? Third rate university? Your consistent disdain for those people, institutions, and practices I respect and appreciate does not surprise me. Why you continue to visit my site baffles me but so be it.

      If you care to learn about ND, here you go, University of Notre Dame.

      I have to admit, in large measure I pity you because you strike me as likely an angry and troubled soul. I hope you can find some degree of peace.

      In the meantime, …you never did tell us how that JPM stock has done over the last three years.

      • Randee

        You have me pegged all wrong, Larry Doyle. I’m a happy soul, but am worried about my country and frustrated by blogs and financial reporting that are too sour and negative. Americans continue to pull money out of stock mutual funds at an alarming clip and go to cash, and, worse, bonds. It is highly irresponsible for the gloom and doom media to scare American investors. While you do not give a lot of financial advice, when you do feature investment ppl they are inevitably doomsday types. What you do do is consistently portray America and our institutions as broken. Some of them are (see Congress) and some are not. This does not mean the U.S. is not a good place to invest.

        I have made 140 percent on my stock investments since 2009. I don’t know if this blog was around then, but CNBC, the WSJ and the like talked a lot of Americans out of investing in the market back then. One CNBC reporter even suggested, in February ’09, that the market could go to zero. Had they not listened, these Americans who were scared off would be set for retirement today.

        To attack me in a vicious, personal manner reveals you for who you really are. If you were a boxer and I got you in the corner and was about to win the fight, you would throw a series of low blows; anything to keep from losing. Or, if you played for Notre Dame and got behind my Crimson Tide 28-0, you’d be throwing chop blocks at the ‘bama players’ knees.

        To attack anyone on this blog who dares disagrees with you is reprehensible. May I suggest you either get out of the blogging business or find a good psychologist?

        • LD


          Attack, vicious, personal? All I can do is chuckle.

          There is 4 year’s worth of material here at Sense on Cents. Perhaps you may care to go back and read/review a whole host of my work if you care to truly understand the nature of this blog.

          You are correct in stating that some of our institutions are broken. In large measure, those institutions are charged with protecting investors’ interests. I highlight and expose those failings and the incestuous cronyism that goes along with it.

          You’re welcome.

          To the extent that you do not like or appreciate my voice, I am serious in stating that you should launch your own blog. It is remarkably easy and provides real value. America needs people to speak up.

          What about the 3 year return on JPM?

      • Randee

        Oh, and FYI – As a proud graduate of DePaul I know all about Notre Dame. Our basketball rivalry is long-standing. The Folding Irish frequently can’t close in that sport either.

        • Always Learning

          Randee –

          I have been reading this blog for years. LD welcomes (and actually encourages) diversity of opinion . . . as long as people can remain respectful. You, however, seem to be nothing more than a bully who resorts to name calling. The Folding Irish? Feel better now after that one? You might consider serving in Congress, where the embarrassing level of disrespect displayed among those holding differing opinions seems to be valued.

        • Sons of Vaval

          When was the last time DePaul was good at any sport?

          Oliver Purnell will be forever bailing water out of a sinking ship that is DePaul basketball.

          A fine Jesuit institution, though.

          • LD


            I think DePaul is not a Jesuit school but rather a Vincentian school.

            Honest mistake, though, no penance needed.

    • Fr. Seamus McGillicuddy

      Jaysus, Mary, and Joseph! Randee, your epidermis is showing, you ignoramus. At least the lovely Shannon has the decency to enjoy her teams victory with grace. Don’t be embarrassing yourself by spewing this nonsense, my son.

      Five Hail Marys, five Our Fathers. Now fly right boy-o.

      Good luck God bless.

      • Fr. McGillicuddy . . you crack me up. God bless you (and LD of course)!

  • crusader

    Randee wouldn’t it be nice if you could show the ND football players how tough you are. Men of BIG words almost always have nothing to back them up.

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