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Post-Election Pursuit of Truth Continues Unabated

Posted by Larry Doyle on November 7, 2012 7:16 PM |

The day after an election creates a spectrum of emotions. Elation for the victorious. Resignation for the vanquished. Exhaustion for many on both sides of the battle.

While I am personally disappointed in the outcome of the election, my sense of despair emanates not from the mere defeat of a candidate. My concern stems from the deep divide within our nation, the dysfunction in Washington, and the perpetual assault upon our prized virtue of the truth. America is significantly weakened by these insidious and destructive cancers that permeate our politics and many other aspects of our society. 

We will rue the day — and I believe it is not far off — that we do not embrace the truth and kill these cancers. Right now, with little assistance from the media, the truth is being battered.

Please allow me to comment specifically upon the points I raised the other day in Why I Am Voting for Mitt Romney.

ECONOMIC: let’s see who President Obama recruits to his team of advisors. I will watch specifically for the members of the Council of Economic Advisors. If President Obama wants to heal the divide in the nation, I would encourage him to reach across the aisle in this realm and bring in some heavyweights capable of bipartisan dealings. The best social programs continue to be jobs and families. What will the administration do to promote both?

A repeat of pure partisan lightweights/hacks as seen in the first administration would be a serious warning sign. Who will be the next heads of the SEC and Treasury? Repeats of the current “in Wall Street’s hip pocket” individuals will not be a good omen.

MILITARY: is there anybody who would not support an independent investigation with subpoena powers to determine what truly happened in Benghazi? The families of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods, and Bub Doherty deserve nothing less than the full facts, or dare I say, the total truth.

FAITH: I do not expect much help on this front. Let’s make no mistake, though, the American family is under assault and the job of a parent is increasingly more challenging in the immoral society that defines America right now.  These attacks and the perversion of the truth in the process is nothing more than politically supported BIG BUSINESS. I call it a cesspool and my faith a lifeline. I better make sure it is a long one.

VIOLATION OF RULE OF LAW/ VIOLATION OF PROPERTY RIGHTS/WALL STREET REFORM:  welcome to my wheelhouse. You can rest assured that my pursuit of the truth in these realms will continue unabated and with tireless determination. There is a LOT to write about and with crony capitalism increasingly embedded into our economy, I expect to be busy. I look forward to operating from an even larger platform as we move into the latter part of 2013. More details on that in the months ahead.

In summary, now is most definitely not the time to hang our heads. The campaigns we encounter every two and four years are important. The daily campaign and pursuit of the truth is equally important. Why? We need a fully informed electorate, especially given the heavily biased media acting as journalists. Our children are counting on us now more than ever.

Please join our campaign and pursuit. When you see the truth in all its glory, please share it here. I welcome and encourage those who badly want the truth to know they have a home here and to speak their mind in the process.

In summary, please pray for our nation. Please continue to fight for the truth.

On a positive note, we got our power back today after ten days. Please continue to pray for those less fortunate, especially those in metro-NYC and New Jersey, whom have been displaced from their homes. As I  write this, we are being hit with another storm. There is real pain out there.


Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.

  • Annie

    Michael Yon has been reporting that the Obama administration is having the military rebuild the mosques of the Taliban. These were the mosques that were taken apart a decade ago because they preached the most radical hatred. The same people are in the same area, according to his report.

    I think there is a true disconnect with the leftist mind when it comes to Radical Islam. So many of them, including Obama, have been taught by professors like Edward Said and Rashid Khalidi, Noam Chomsky, etc., that they really believe if they make America smaller in the eyes of the world, if they act tough toward or abandon Israel that these radicals will like us better. The writings of al banna and sayyid qutb and others of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is where bin laden got his educational start, hated the “liberalism” of Westernized countries. They hated western thought. They hated Darwinism, Freud, etc. They hated that in America boys and girls went to high school dances together in the 1950’s!!! (qutb)

    Obama and the left are today’s appeasers, having bought into the very unrealistic “Palestinian cause” at University, and now want to throw steaks at the tiger (radical Islam)and expect it to become a vegan.

    I really don’t think the leftists and Obama have a very real capacity to care about Ambassador Stevens, Ty Woods, Sean Smith and Bob Doherty. Obama is being a “useful idiot” for Islam, just like the left was for Lenin, Stalin, Castro, etc.

    I think there needs to be a complete investigation of Obama policy throughout the Middle East, parts of Asia and North Africa, so certainly I would want to see an independent investigation on Benghazi. But I don’t think the Obama administration will let it happen. They will block it with whatever means necessary. Taqiyya

    Is the mainstream media reporting now about ansar al sharia saying how America is at its weakest, so now is the time to attack ALL of our embassies? No. They want desperately to make Obama look as though he has made us so much safer, that they will block whatever they have to, also.

    Bill Clinton’s policy of ignore, deny, try the b——s in American courts, and send a random missile somewhere after they bombed our embassies in Africa. Only this time it is worse. We have an anti colonial, anti Imperial, President, who not only leans left, but empathizes with the radicals, works to rebuild their mosques of hate, and intentionally wants to put America on “equal footing” with the rest of the world… other words, intentionally weakens us.

    One of Obama’s brothers wrote a book talking about how he thinks differently from his brother, he thinks Imperialism saved a lot of lives and made things better for millions! The people of India, who have had over 80 million people killed by Muslims in their history, would probably agree more with his brother. While those in Africa continue to suffer at Islam’s hands.

    It is perilous times we live in.

    • Mark J. Novitsky

      BENGHAZI…right after the investigation of HOW / WHY the Bush administration “missed” 100’s of specific warnings from our own intel and “allies” including a Presidential press briefing days before the 911 “strike”:”Bin Laden determined to strike in the U.S.”. Benghazi had 4 tragic fatalities. 911 had 3000+++ and was the impetus for illegal wars (4000+++ US Soldiers & massive amounts of innocent civilians…BTW Sunday 11th is Veterans day!)…IRAQ, then throw in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa. And the majority of the fraudulent 911 Commission members including the co-chairs Keane & Hamilton admit they were “set up to fail” and were denied access to witnesses & evidence and wanted to bring forth criminal charges and were denied. I agree…we need to know what happened at Benghazi, 911, Fast & Furious, 2008 Financial Crisis (FCIC: Angelides “Very powerful interests undermined the investigation.”) AND THEN HOLD CRIMINALS ACCOUNTABLE so it won’t happen again. We haven’t had a remotely legitimate congressional “investigation” since perhaps the 1975 post-Watergate Church Committee that detailed illegal govt. domestic surveillance . Before that the Pecora Commission. Both of which were eventually dismantled leading us exactly to where we are NOW!- Please be consistent.

      • Annie

        When Obama dismantles our missile systems, as he surely will for the Russians, I will be blaming those who called everything Bush did “illegal”. You may show you have read a bit on the “illegal” actions of your own government, but not so much on the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, etc.

        Two things started me studying the Middle East many years ago. One was the 1972 Olympics and the murder of the Israeli athletes, as I had had a dream about the Olympics myself. Another was a white fly infestation that was affecting the town I lived in in California.

        The white flies almost looked like ash, they were very tiny and thousands of them could be on the back of one leaf. I called UC Davis to ask what could be done about them. They said insecticides that would work on them would be harmful to animals, humans and vegetation and recommended that I mix Dove dishwashing liquid half and half with water. It would make the wings so heavy that they would die. They told me that white flies were native only to Iraq.

        A short time later I was watching Saddam Hussein before the UN claiming that the US was committing environmental terrorism in his country. He claimed that a chemical plant, shut down by UN inspectors, was needed to produce the insecticides to kill the white fly infestations, and that the US was causing the crops in Iraq to fail.

        I’m quite consistent with my views. And I do not believe our troops have fought or died in vain.

        You even throw “Pakistan” into the mix??? Is this first Bush’s and then Obama’s “illegal” war to you?

        • Mark J. Novitsky

          Annie…The original message was not intended to be associated with your message. But rather than have people read the 911 Omission report… first watch the following 37 seconds. Keane & Hamilton

  • Annie
  • Annie

    Since this blog is about truth, I must point something out.

    Mark said I should be consistent, so I must be.

    The following is quoting Mark: “And the majority of the fraudulent 911 Commission members including the co-chairs Keane & Hamilton admit they were “set up to fail….””

    I read the entire 9/11 Commission report when it came out, by the way.

    For those who have not read Without Precedent, the inside story of the 9/11 Commission. by Thomas H. Kean, Lee H. Hamilton

    The exact quote in their chapter entitled “Set up to Fail” is as follows:

    “Both of us were aware of grumbling around Washington that the 9/11 Commission was doomed-if not designed-to fail: the commission would splinter down partisan lines; lose its credibility by leaking classified information; be denied the necessary access to do it’s job; or alienate the families who had fought on behalf of its creation. Indeed, the the scenarios for failure far outnumbered the chances of success. What we could not have anticipated were the remarkable people and circumstances that would coalesce within and around the 9/11 Commission over the coming twenty months to enable our success”.

    So, Mark looks at it as a failure, because of the title of the chapter, without bothering to read it.

    • Mark J. Novitsky

      You Tube link fail. Go to You Tube “The 9/11 Commission Was “Set Up To Fail”

  • fred


    Shouldn’t every vote count?

    We nearly had a presidential election result where the overwhelming winner of the electoral college vote lost the popular vote (where is that Ron Paul endoresement when you need it). How about the 2004 election which was decided by the Supreme Court and a hanging chad.

    Political party majority is so strong in so many states, that for many state minority party members, their vote really doesn’t matter.

    For a country capable of producing “Nth degree iterations” of tie breaking mechanisms to decide who participates in March Madness or which professional teams make the playoffs, there has to be a better way.

    How about giving the popular vote a certain number of electoral votes? For example, if you like excitement, equal to the state with the largest number of electoral votes or at the very least give the popular vote tie breaking status?

    I would prefer that our history be reflective of the will of the people rather the whim of unelected bureacrats.

    • LD

      Good point. I had a friend make this very point to me a few days prior to the election. A large percentGe of the electorate has effectively been disenfranchised.

  • Mark J. Novitsky

    How about National Voting Day? How about open up “debates” to qualified 3rd Party candidates? How about Campaign Finance Reform and overturn Citizen United or at a minimum pass the “Disclose Act”?

  • fred


    Keeping in mind that your suggestions are not necessarily your personal political beliefs, I am very much interested in your opinion as to what Republicans must do to revise the party platform to regain the White House. The national popular vote is close, however, the electoral vote is not very close at all.

    A visual inspection of the map of electoral college votes shows democratic strength focused in the northeast and in other states throughout the country that are popular destination points for emigrants from the northeast, ie. Florida, Colorado, Nevada, California.

    Obvious issues include immigration, abortion, affirmative action, unionization, green energy initiatives, public education and entitlement reform.

    Put another way, can conservative, pro-life, white males still be elected to the highest political office as republican candidates if GDP is trending positive and the Democrats run a minority (race/gender) candidate?

    • LD


      A few thoughts.

      I intentionally subscribed to the email distributions from both the Obama and Romney camps. If both campaigns were trying to market their message and reach voters (especially the young generations who tend to use the net much more) then this was a NO CONTEST.

      Obama and the Dems went out early, often, and aggressive in their attacks. They provided a wealth of links to “massage” their message. They had a number of other websites (Daily Kos for example) pushing the platform as well.

      If the Republicans believe the mainstream media is biased — and I do not disagree with them — then they need to hup to and develop direct messaging via the internet. And quick. They should not wait for the next campaign. I believe they are way behind the curve on this front. In packaging their message they better learn how to communicate effectively. that is, short messages, short video clips, recruit and promote those from within their targeted groups to get on board and drive this effort.

      Moving right along. If the Republicans want to grow their support from the Hispanic community, they should first embrace the Asian community. If the Rs cannot get the Asian team on board then they will never get the Hispanic team to join the effort. The fact that the Asians voted for the Democrats is a STRONG indication that immigration is the key issue. People come to America for OPPORTUNITY.

      The Rs should reach out to the Asian community given this group’s strong efforts in regard to education, family, work ethic. The Asian population is largely in urban settings. Go after them hard. Get them on board and have them “sell” the platform.

      After immigration, I see the next key issue as education. Inner city families are banging down the doors to get their kids into quality public schools (charters, school choice, et al). I think the Rs should make this a BIG issue in the urban areas and I think they will win the support of a lot of Moms especially.

      Those are my BIG THREE. Beyond that, we need entitlement reform but that does not necessarily sell well so that should be packaged appropriately. The unions will continue to languish under the weight of fiscal pressures in municipal finance. The markets should help keep the pressure on them.

      I personally believe abortion is a noise issue. Green energy and environmental issues. Also noise in the grand scheme of things. Let the Dems have them.

      Who is looking especially good for the Reps going forward?

      Marco Rubio.

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